This is a personal story of statistics, properly interpreted, as profoundly nurturant and life-giving

Stephen Jay Gould

I am a marine ecologist with a passion for models, statistics, and mathematics. I think that quantitative ecology is a key tool to purse the challenge of our epoch: the transition towards a society inspired to the concept of sustainability

My work focuses on management of marine resources and assessment/mitigation of human impacts at sea, but my research interests include :

Applied ecology: Interaction between human activities and wild populations at sea;

Model for fisheries: fishers behavior, fleets dynamics, biological cycle of exploited stocks, direct and indirect effects of fisheries on mammals, birds, turtles, and other groups;

Biodiversity: New approaches and tools for collecting and analyzing ecological data

Our group is based at Laboratory of Experimental Ecology and Aquaculture, within the Department of Biology of the University of Rome Tor Vergata, where we carry out national and international projects on all of the above topics

Some statistics of my scientific production are here:

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